Percy Jackson and the Olympians – Book 1

Book 1  

 The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson is a half-blood but doesn’t know it. One day at school, a monster who used to be his math teacher attacked him! He almost dies but he dodged her attack and disintegrated her with his ball point pen that turns into a celestial bronze sword when he uncaps it. The sword is deadly to half-bloods and monsters, but passes right through mortals.

Percy goes to camp half-blood, a survival camp for demigods and finds out he’s half-god half-mortal. At first nobody knew who his Godly parent was, but they knew it was a god, not a goddess He played a game of capture the flag with swords and amour, and found out the the creek gave him power but found out the the creek didn’t have power, it was him who had the power. Later, Poseidon claimed him…his Dad was POSEIDON.

Percy realizes that ZEUS thinks his Dad, Poseidon, stole the master bolt. Percy went on a quest to see if he could find the master bolt. Everyone thinks it was actually HADES who stole it because if the gods DID go to war, there would be a lot of chaos and death! Hades is the god of the underworld, so that would expand his kingdom.

Grover, Percy’s half-goat, half-human, (totally creepy) friend went on the quest with him. Anabeth, the daughter of Athena,went too. Once Percy gets to the underworld and demands the master bolt, Hades insists it wasn’t him who stole it and tells Percy his Helm of darkness was missing too… Hades tried to kill them because he thought PERCY stole the helm of darkness!

After they get out of the underworld he meets ARES and has a battle with him. Percy wins and retrieves the helm of darkness AND the master bolt and stops the war from happening. Ares must have stolen them but nobody can figure out how he did it. Hades says that he didn’t steel the master bolt because his kingdom was getting too full of spirits and he couldn’t keep up with enough space. This means Ares must have stolen the bolt because he is the god of war and that would start a humungous war.

Percy returns everything, goes back to camp half-blood, and then goes home. Most of the gods want Percy dead but decide not to speak up, so Percy is safe for now.


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