About Milo

I am almost 9 years old. I’m a middle child. My big brother’s name is Joshua and my little sister’s name is Mattea. My mom’s name is Francesca and my dad’s name is Jason.

My three favourite sports are hockey, soccer, and fencing. I’m a goaltender in hockey and my favourite hockey move is stacking the pads. My favourite NHL team is the Detroit Red Wings. I also like Nascar racing, my favourite nascar driver is Danica Patrick. The Olympic games, hurricanes, twisters, volcanoes and earthquakes are also interesting to me. I like studying Greek and Roman mythology. My favourite fake animal is the griffin. My favourite real animals are the eagle and lion. I love reading!

I homeschool and go to a school called Lochiel on Thursdays. When I go to Lochiel it’s with other kids who homeschool. I like that it allows you to do cool projects and unique things. I convinced my mom, sister, and brother to volunteer at the Food Bank. We’ve been working there for 2 and a half years and I like helping people who need it.



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